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Service Provision

In recent years the industry has seen a rapid rise in direct sourcing. At Griffin and Brand we are constantly adapting to these ever changing market conditions; as a result we offer a Service Provision facility to these direct businesses.

  • We tailor our service specifically for each customer; as we understand they all have different requirements which need to be taken into account
  • Within our facility we are able to process soft Fruit, Soft Dates, Avocados, Cherries, Stone Fruit & Grapes
  • We are able to offer more than just the standard industry set % pull our charges
  • We aim to fix any problem first time around to maximise the fruit usage
  • We offer more than just a packing facility and delivery service; we can also offer commercial support in form of Logistics, Marketing, Technical and Quality Support – should this be required

Service Provision has become an important part of our business and as such we have a dedicated team that manages this part of our business. Please contact us at for further information.