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Griffin & Brand is an independent company, fully owned by the Elliott family.

The company was established in 1967 by Tony Elliott, as an importer of fresh produce - at that time, mostly from the US. Over the years, the company expanded its trading to include a wide range of produce: strawberries, avocados, asparagus, papayas, kiwis, grapes, and stone fruit. It pioneered the introduction of "exotic" produce into the UK, being the first UK company to import iceberg lettuce, Texas ruby grapefruit, long-stem strawberries, and kiwi fruit into Europe.

Since 1996, Griffin & Brand has narrowed its produce portfolio to become a leading specialist supplier of table grapes to the Grapes in a punnet UK market place.

Our aim is to supply our customers consistently with the finest produce available. To achieve this we seek out and invest in the most forward-thinking, quality-driven growers; dedicated staff; and facilities that allow us to meet and improve on these demanding standards.

Griffin & Brand (European) Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, registration number 900348.

Registered office: 10 New Square, Lincolns Inn, London, WC2A 3QGT